PROMUZIKA is the first year of the trade fair for Czech manufacturers of musical instruments and accessories.

the trade fair for Czech manufacturers of musical instruments And accessories


20. - 21. may 2022 - PETRoF Gallery / Hradec Králové

Come and participate in one of the largest shows of Czech musical instruments. We would love to invite you to the first year of the "PROMUZIKA" trade fair. The event will occur from 20 to 21 May 2022, in the industrial premises of the PETROF Gallery in Hradec Králové.

Association of Musical Instrument Makers (AVHN) organizes the fair "PROMUZIKA." The patron of the event is the band Chinaski.

You can look forward to a two-day event where significant Czech musical instruments manufacturers intent to present themselves. On Friday, you will have a unique opportunity to spend the day with the patron of the fair, the Chinaski band. There will be several special programs where you can talk to the band about music, composing, songwriting and see demonstrations of performing with individual instruments. The fair's visitors can look forward to a final exceptional performance of the band. Artistic and professional workshops will take place throughout the festival.

We prepared a rich accompanying program, including evening concerts in the outdoor areas of the PETROF premises, where Ivan Mládek and Banjo Band, Radim Zenkl, HASHBERRY band, and others will perform.

Come and try the latest musical instruments created by golden Czech hands and enjoy the performances of famous musicians!